Wind Mill

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Wind Mill
Type Mechanical power
Stackable Yes (64)
First Appearance 2.31

The Wind Mill is the first form of continuous mechanical power generation available to the player and is required to advance through the BTW Ages. To construct a Wind Mill you will need to:

Once the Wind Mill has been crafted you will need to place it. It can only be placed by right clicking on an Axle with the Wind Mill in the players hand. It is a large structure and therefore requires a 13x13x1 blocks of free space (6 block radius around the axle). For the Wind Mill to operate there can not be any blocks above it, therefore it can not be built underground.

The Wind Mill is not able to function in rain or snow and will destroy the first Gearbox connected to it within 30 seconds. The player can prevent this by applying redstone power to the Gearbox by using a lever. Once the player unlocks the Anvil they can build and use a Detector Block facing upwards to automatically power the Gearbox in either rain or snow.

After the Wind Mill has been placed, each sail can be individually colored by right clicking on it with a dye in the players hand.


Name Ingredients Input » Output
Wind Mill Sail
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Wind Mill


Keep in Mind

  • Rain or snow will destroy the first gearbox connected to the wind mill within 30 seconds unless redstone power is applied to it
    • Because it does not storm in the desert, it is a great place to build your wind mill.
  • The windmill needs 13x13x1 blocks of free space, including the axle in the middle.
  • While placing a roof above the windmill will protect it from weather it will also disable it. (no power production)

Demonstration Video

Better than Wolves Lab - Wind mill on YouTube