Wool Slab

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Name Ingredients Input » Output
Wool Slab Wool Block
Wool Block
Wool Block
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
White Wool Slab

Wool Slabs can also be dyed using any dyes from Vanilla Minecraft as well as dung as an alternative for brown dye.

Ink SacCyan DyeLapis Lazuli (Dye)Gray DyeOrange DyeLight Gray DyePurple DyePink DyeMagenta DyeCactus GreenLight Blue DyeDandelion YellowDungLime DyeRose Red
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Black Wool SlabCyan Wool SlabBlue Wool SlabGray Wool SlabOrange Wool SlabLight Gray Wool SlabPurple Wool SlabPink Wool SlabMagenta Wool SlabGreen Wool SlabLight Blue Wool SlabYellow Wool SlabBrown Wool SlabLime Wool SlabRed Wool Slab

Keep In Mind

  • 2 different color wool slabs can not be placed on each other thus making 2 colored wool.
  • It will never burn or catch on fire.
  • Putting 2 same color wool slabs in 1 block or in a crafting grid will produce 1 wool block.
  • One dye will color 16 wool slabs when all ingredients are placed in an unstoked cauldron.