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Type Aesthetic
Stackable Yes (64)
First Appearance 2.90


The Vase is a decorative that can then be dyed, and placed as a decoration. You can also hide an item in the vase, and breaking the Vase will only give the item back.

The Vase itself will not drop when broken and player needs to use Silk Touch or Block Dispenser to reclaim it.

Breaking a Vase which has Blasting Oil inside it will cause it to explode.


A Vase is crafted by placing a clay block on top of a Turntable and letting it fully rotate 6 times until the Unfired Pottery becomes the shape of a vase. After that it must by fired in a kiln.


  • Decoration
  • One-Item-Box
  • Hiding items on adventure maps
  • Pretending to be Link

Keep in Mind

  • A Vase can not be picked up after it is placed. (Will get destroyed like glass)
  • A Vase may be dyed
  • A Vase assumes the properties of wool rather than the sheep entity in that it can be dyed only in the crafting grid as opposed to by right clicking the vase block. Trying to dye the vase when placed will cause the dye to be stored inside of the vase.