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Unfired pottery is made by placing a clay block on a rotating Turntable. Every two complete turns of the Turntable will change the clay block into a new unfired pottery type. Currently there are 5 types of unfired pottery; Crucible, Planter, Vase, Urn, and Mould. Each type (except for the planter and mould) will also create a clay ball which can be collected and reformed into a new clay block (requires 4 clay balls). To turn each unfired pottery type into its final form it must be fired in a Kiln.


To make unfired pottery first you need Clay Blocks. Clay blocks are found near sand and when harvested drop 4 clay balls. Clay balls can be crafted back into blocks on the crafting table.

Name Ingredients Input » Output
Clay Block Clay Balls
Clay (Item)
Clay (Item)
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Clay Block
Clay (Item)
Clay (Item)

Place a clay block on a powered turntable and it will cycle through each type of unfired pottery. Break the item or push it off the turntable using a piston when its at the type you want.

From left to right: Crucible, Planter, Vase, Urn, Mould


Keep in Mind

  • Each type of pottery is labeled "Unfired Pottery" until fired, so keep track of which kind is which.

Demonstration Video

Better Than Wolves Mod | Pottery | 1.0.0

Battosay VS The Kiln & Pottery