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The Mod comes with it's own set of textures for all new Items and Blocks and is compatible with Vanilla-Textures and other Texture-packs but neither will alter the Mod-textures. This page lists texture pack which add special textures for the Mod's Items and Blocks.
Be aware that you will need to HD-Patch your MC-Version so it can handle resolutions higher than the default 16x16!

The last update that changed textures for BTW was 4.82

Name Thread Resolution Type BTW-Version
Battosay's Mix BTW Forum 32x32 Mix 4.62
Cartoonish Pack / Direct Link 16x16 Original Author 4.37b
Derivation MC-Forum BTW Forum 32x32 Original Author/Third Party 4.89PHILLIP
GameDoku MC Forum 32x32 Mix 3.50
Glimmar Steampunk MC-Forum BTW Forum 32x32 Third Party 4.41
Isabella MC-Custom 16x16 Original Author 3.40
Isabella II BTW Forum 16x16 Third Party-Pack 4.89999999
John Smith Mod Support MC-Forum BTW Forum 32x32 3rd Party-Pack 4.89PHILLIP
Jolicraft MC-Forum BTW Forum (BTW Add-on) 16x16 3rd Party-Pack 3.51
Misa's Realistic MC-Forum BTW Forum 64x64 3rd Party-Pack 4.41
Ovo's Rustic v2.0 + BTW Planet-MC BTW Forum 64x64 Multiple/Mix 4.58
Pandoku's Mix BTW Forum 32x32 Mix 4.8999999
Retro SciFi Pack BTW Forum 64x64 Original Author 3.91
Riveter's Ironwork BTW Forum 32x32 Original Author 4.80
Sphax PureBDCraft MC-Forum BTW-Patch 128x128 Original Author/Third-Party 4.83
Tekei's Better Than Wolves Texture Pack BTW Forum 32x32 Original Author 4.8912
Vattic's Faithful Pack MC-Forum BTW Forum 32x32 Original Author/Third Party 4.89PHILLIP
vonDoomCraft MC-Forum BTW Forum 128x128 Third Party 4.80
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