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Template-info.png Documentation

The grid template is a singular grid cell, which has the ability to display any image (usually a block or item) that is uploaded as Grid {{{1}}}.png, within it.

Imported from the Minecraft Wiki.


Put {{Grid|Name}}} where you want the image.

You can also specify the vertical alignment of the text with the image. {{Grid|Name|Vertical Alignment|link=Optional link override|title=Optional title, is overridden by link titles}}


To display this image Grid Raw Porkchop.png you would put: {{Grid|Raw Porkchop}}

which will result in
Grid Raw Porkchop.png

If no image is specified, the background will be added on its own, allowing you to do layouts like so:

{{Grid|TNT}}{{Grid|TNT}}{{Grid}}{{Grid}}{{Grid|TNT}}{{Grid|TNT}}<br />
{{Grid|TNT}}{{Grid|TNT}}{{Grid}}{{Grid}}{{Grid|TNT}}{{Grid|TNT}}<br />
{{Grid}}{{Grid}}{{Grid|TNT}}{{Grid|TNT}}{{Grid}}{{Grid}}<br />
{{Grid}}{{Grid|TNT}}{{Grid|TNT}}{{Grid|TNT}}{{Grid|TNT}}{{Grid}}<br />
{{Grid}}{{Grid|TNT}}{{Grid|TNT}}{{Grid|TNT}}{{Grid|TNT}}{{Grid}}<br />
which will result in
Grid TNT.png
Grid TNT.png
Grid TNT.png
Grid TNT.png

Grid TNT.png
Grid TNT.png
Grid TNT.png
Grid TNT.png

Grid TNT.png
Grid TNT.png

Grid TNT.png
Grid TNT.png
Grid TNT.png
Grid TNT.png

Grid TNT.png
Grid TNT.png
Grid TNT.png
Grid TNT.png

Grid TNT.png
Grid TNT.png

To align text to the middle on the same line as the image you would put: Smells like {{Grid|Raw Porkchop|middle}} in here!

which will result in
Smells like
Grid Raw Porkchop.png
in here!

To change the link from the image name put: {{Grid|Charcoal (Item)|link=Coal#Charcoal}}

which will result in
Grid Charcoal (Item).png

If |link= is left blank, the link will be removed which in turn removes the title automatically added by links.
To re-add the title, put: {{Grid|Raw Porkchop|link=|title=Smelly Pork}}

which will result in
Grid Raw Porkchop.png

Note that if a link is present, its title will override whatever title is specified.

Available images


Vanilla Blocks Used/Crafted by BTW
Dirt Grid Dirt.png Grass Block Grid Grass Block.png Clay (Block) Grid Clay (Block).png Gravel Grid Gravel.png Moss Stone Grid Moss Stone.png Stone Grid Stone.png
Sand Grid Sand.png Obsidian Grid Obsidian.png Wooden Plank Grid Wooden Plank.png Wooden Plank (Pine) Grid Wooden Plank (Pine).png Wooden Plank (Birch) Grid Wooden Plank (Birch).png Wooden Plank (Jungle) Grid Wooden Plank (Jungle).png
Cobblestone Grid Cobblestone.png Brick (Block) Grid Brick (Block).png Glass Pane Grid Glass Pane.png Bookshelf Grid Bookshelf.png Wooden Stairs Grid Wooden Stairs.png Ladders Grid Ladders.png
Fence Grid Fence.png Iron Bars Grid Iron Bars.png White Wool Grid White Wool.png Light Gray Wool Grid Light Gray Wool.png Gray Wool Grid Gray Wool.png Black Wool Grid Black Wool.png
Red Wool Grid Red Wool.png Orange Wool Grid Orange Wool.png Yellow Wool Grid Yellow Wool.png Lime Wool Grid Lime Wool.png Green Wool Grid Green Wool.png Cyan Wool Grid Cyan Wool.png
Light Blue Wool Grid Light Blue Wool.png Blue Wool Grid Blue Wool.png Purple Wool Grid Purple Wool.png Magenta Wool Grid Magenta Wool.png Pink Wool Grid Pink Wool.png Brown Wool Grid Brown Wool.png
Chest Grid Chest.png Cake Grid Cake.png Cactus Grid Cactus.png Wooden Pressure Plate Grid Wooden Pressure Plate.png Stone Pressure Plate Grid Stone Pressure Plate.png Rails Grid Rails.png
Wooden Door Grid Wooden Door.png Trapdoor Grid Trapdoor.png Piston Grid Piston.png Sticky Piston Grid Sticky Piston.png Sign Grid Sign.png Wood Grid Wood.png
Wood (Pine) Grid Wood (Pine).png Wood (Birch) Grid Wood (Birch).png Wood (Jungle) Grid Wood (Jungle).png Gold (Ore) Grid Gold (Ore).png Iron (Ore) Grid Iron (Ore).png Netherrack Grid Netherrack.png
Soul Sand Grid Soul Sand.png Nether Wart Grid Nether Wart.png Nether Brick Grid Nether Brick.png Nether Brick Fence Grid Nether Brick Fence.png Note Block Grid Note Block.png Jukebox Grid Jukebox.png
Mycelium Grid Mycelium.png Dead Weight Grid Dead Weight.png Empty Map Grid Empty Map.png
BTW Blocks
Mill Stone Grid Mill Stone.png Cauldron Grid Cauldron.png Hopper Grid Hopper.png Block Dispenser Grid Block Dispenser.png Anvil Grid Anvil.png Crucible Grid Crucible.png
Hand Crank Grid Hand Crank.png Gear Box Grid Gear Box.png Axle Grid Axle.png Anchor Grid Anchor.png Rope Grid Rope.png Platform Grid Platform.png
Saw Grid Saw.png Wooden Siding Grid Wooden Siding.png Wooden Moulding Grid Wooden Moulding.png Wooden Corner Grid Wooden Corner.png Blood Wood Grid Blood Wood.png Blood Wood Leaves Grid Blood Wood Leaves.png
Detector Block Grid Detector Block.png Buddy Block Grid Buddy Block.png Light Block Grid Light Block.png Hibachi Grid Hibachi.png Wooden Detector Rail Grid Wooden Detector Rail.png Soulforged Steel Detector Rail Grid Soulforged Steel Detector Rail.png
Turntable Grid Turntable.png Bellows Grid Bellows.png Pulley Grid Pulley.png Vase Grid Vase.png Planter Grid Planter.png Planter Dirt Grid Planter Dirt.png
Planter Grass Grid Planter Grass.png Planter Soul Sand Grid Planter Soul Sand.png Soulforged Steel Pressure Plate Grid Soulforged Steel Pressure Plate.png Wicker (Block) Grid Wicker (Block).png Wicker Slab Grid Wicker Slab.png Dung (Block) Grid Dung (Block).png
Soulforged Steel (Block) Grid Soulforged Steel (Block).png Concentrated Hellfire (Block) Grid Concentrated Hellfire (Block).png Padding (Block) Grid Padding (Block).png Soap (Block) Grid Soap (Block).png Coil Of Rope Grid Coil Of Rope.png Mining Charge Grid Mining Charge.png
White Wool Slab Grid White Wool Slab.png Light Gray Wool Slab Grid Light Gray Wool Slab.png Gray Wool Slab Grid Gray Wool Slab.png Black Wool Slab Grid Black Wool Slab.png Red Wool Slab Grid Red Wool Slab.png Orange Wool Slab Grid Orange Wool Slab.png
Yellow Wool Slab Grid Yellow Wool Slab.png Lime Wool Slab Grid Lime Wool Slab.png Green Wool Slab Grid Green Wool Slab.png Cyan Wool Slab Grid Cyan Wool Slab.png Light Blue Wool Slab Grid Light Blue Wool Slab.png Blue Wool Slab Grid Blue Wool Slab.png
Purple Wool Slab Grid Purple Wool Slab.png Magenta Wool Slab Grid Magenta Wool Slab.png Pink Wool Slab Grid Pink Wool Slab.png Brown Wool Slab Grid Brown Wool Slab.png Companion Cube Grid Companion Cube.png Companion Cube Slab Grid Companion Cube Slab.png
Blood Wood Sapling Grid Blood Wood Sapling.png Lens Grid Lens.png Infernal Enchanter Grid Infernal Enchanter.png Dirt Slab Grid Dirt Slab.png Screw Pump Grid Screw Pump.png Barrel Grid Barrel.png
Powder Keg Grid Powder Keg.png White Cobble Grid White Cobble.png White Cobble Stairs Grid White Cobble Stairs.png White Cobble Slab Grid White Cobble Slab.png White Stone Grid White Stone.png White Stone Stairs Grid White Stone Stairs.png
Chopping Block Grid Chopping Block.png Lightning Rod Grid Lightning Rod.png Oak Wood Siding Grid Oak Wood Siding.png Spruce Wood Siding Grid Spruce Wood Siding.png Birch Wood Siding Grid Birch Wood Siding.png Jungle Wood Siding Grid Jungle Wood Siding.png
Brick Siding Grid Brick Siding.png Nether Brick Siding Grid Nether Brick Siding.png Sandstone Siding Grid Sandstone Siding.png Stone Siding Grid Stone Siding.png Stone Brick Siding Grid Stone Brick Siding.png White Stone Siding Grid White Stone Siding.png
Oak Wood Moulding Grid Oak Wood Moulding.png Spruce Wood Moulding Grid Spruce Wood Moulding.png Birch Wood Moulding Grid Birch Wood Moulding.png Jungle Wood Moulding Grid Jungle Wood Moulding.png Brick Moulding Grid Brick Moulding.png Nether Brick Moulding Grid Nether Brick Moulding.png
Sandstone Moulding Grid Sandstone Moulding.png Stone Moulding Grid Stone Moulding.png Stone Brick Moulding Grid Stone Brick Moulding.png White Stone Moulding Grid White Stone Moulding.png Oak Wood Corner Grid Oak Wood Corner.png Spruce Wood Corner Grid Spruce Wood Corner.png
Birch Wood Corner Grid Birch Wood Corner.png Jungle Wood Corner Grid Jungle Wood Corner.png Brick Corner Grid Brick Corner.png Nether Brick Corner Grid Nether Brick Corner.png Sandstone Corner Grid Sandstone Corner.png Stone Corner Grid Stone Corner.png
Stone Brick Corner Grid Stone Brick Corner.png White Stone Corner Grid White Stone Corner.png Oak Wood Column Grid Oak Wood Column.png Spruce Wood Column Grid Spruce Wood Column.png Birch Wood Column Grid Birch Wood Column.png Jungle Wood Column Grid Jungle Wood Column.png
Brick Column Grid Brick Column.png Nether Brick Column Grid Nether Brick Column.png Sandstone Column Grid Sandstone Column.png Stone Column Grid Stone Column.png Stone Brick Column Grid Stone Brick Column.png White Stone Column Grid White Stone Column.png
Oak Wood Pedestal Grid Oak Wood Pedestal.png Spruce Wood Pedestal Grid Spruce Wood Pedestal.png Birch Wood Pedestal Grid Birch Wood Pedestal.png Jungle Wood Pedestal Grid Jungle Wood Pedestal.png Brick Pedestal Grid Brick Pedestal.png Nether Brick Pedestal Grid Nether Brick Pedestal.png
Sandstone Pedestal Grid Sandstone Pedestal.png Stone Pedestal Grid Stone Pedestal.png Stone Brick Pedestal Grid Stone Brick Pedestal.png White Stone Pedestal Grid White Stone Pedestal.png Oak Wood Table Grid Oak Wood Table.png Spruce Wood Table Grid Spruce Wood Table.png
Birch Wood Table Grid Birch Wood Table.png Jungle Wood Table Grid Jungle Wood Table.png Brick Table Grid Brick Table.png Nether Brick Table Grid Nether Brick Table.png Sandstone Table Grid Sandstone Table.png Stone Table Grid Stone Table.png
Stone Brick Table Grid Stone Brick Table.png White Stone Table Grid White Stone Table.png Oak Wood Bench Grid Oak Wood Bench.png Spruce Wood Bench Grid Spruce Wood Bench.png Birch Wood Bench Grid Birch Wood Bench.png Jungle Wood Bench Grid Jungle Wood Bench.png
Brick Bench Grid Brick Bench.png Nether Brick Bench Grid Nether Brick Bench.png Sandstone Bench Grid Sandstone Bench.png Stone Bench Grid Stone Bench.png Stone Brick Bench Grid Stone Brick Bench.png White Stone Bench Grid White Stone Bench.png
Spruce Wood Fence Grid Spruce Wood Fence.png Birch Wood Fence Grid Birch Wood Fence.png Jungle Wood Fence Grid Jungle Wood Fence.png Brick Fence Grid Brick Fence.png Sandstone Fence Grid Sandstone Fence.png Stone Fence Grid Stone Fence.png
Stone Brick Fence Grid Stone Brick Fence.png White Stone Fence Grid White Stone Fence.png


Vanilla Items Used/Crafted by BTW
Bone Grid Bone.png Book Grid Book.png Clay (Item) Grid Clay (Item).png Coal (Item) Grid Coal (Item).png Charcoal (Item) Grid Charcoal (Item).png Feather Grid Feather.png
Flint Grid Flint.png Glowstone (Dust) Grid Glowstone (Dust).png Gold (Ingot) Grid Gold (Ingot).png Gunpowder Grid Gunpowder.png Iron (Ingot) Grid Iron (Ingot).png Leather Grid Leather.png
Paper Grid Paper.png Redstone (Dust) Grid Redstone (Dust).png Redstone (Torch) Grid Redstone (Torch).png Shaft Grid Shaft.png Slimeball Grid Slimeball.png String Grid String.png
Bread Grid Bread.png Cooked Fish Grid Cooked Fish.png Cooked Porkchop Grid Cooked Porkchop.png Egg Grid Egg.png Raw Fish Grid Raw Fish.png Raw Porkchop Grid Raw Porkchop.png
Sugar Grid Sugar.png Wheat Grid Wheat.png Raw Beef Grid Raw Beef.png Steak Grid Steak.png Raw Chicken Grid Raw Chicken.png Cooked Chicken Grid Cooked Chicken.png
Rotten Flesh Grid Rotten Flesh.png Rose Grid Rose.png Dandelion Grid Dandelion.png Sapling Grid Sapling.png Sapling Birch Grid Sapling Birch.png Sapling Spruce Grid Sapling Spruce.png
Sugar Cane Grid Sugar Cane.png Bone Meal Grid Bone Meal.png Light Gray Dye Grid Light Gray Dye.png Gray Dye Grid Gray Dye.png Ink Sac Grid Ink Sac.png Rose Red Grid Rose Red.png
Orange Dye Grid Orange Dye.png Dandelion Yellow Grid Dandelion Yellow.png Lime Dye Grid Lime Dye.png Cactus Green Grid Cactus Green.png Cyan Dye Grid Cyan Dye.png Light Blue Dye Grid Light Blue Dye.png
Lapis Lazuli (Dye) Grid Lapis Lazuli (Dye).png Purple Dye Grid Purple Dye.png Magenta Dye Grid Magenta Dye.png Pink Dye Grid Pink Dye.png Cocoa Beans Grid Cocoa Beans.png Bucket Grid Bucket.png
Water Bucket Grid Water Bucket.png Lava Bucket Grid Lava Bucket.png Milk Bucket Grid Milk Bucket.png Gold Nugget Grid Gold Nugget.png Brown Mushroom Grid Brown Mushroom.png Red Mushroom Grid Red Mushroom.png
Item Frame Grid Item Frame.png Nether Quartz Grid Nether Quartz.png Shears Grid Shears.png
BTW Items
Raw Wolfchop Grid Raw Wolfchop.png Cooked Wolfchop Grid Cooked Wolfchop.png Cement Bucket Grid Cement Bucket.png Flour Grid Flour.png Donut Grid Donut.png Gear Grid Gear.png
Fabric Grid Fabric.png Sail Grid Sail.png Wood Blade Grid Wood Blade.png Water Wheel Grid Water Wheel.png Wind Mill Grid Wind Mill.png Vertical Wind Mill Grid Vertical Wind Mill.png
Hemp Seed Grid Hemp Seed.png Hemp Grid Hemp.png Hemp Fiber Grid Hemp Fiber.png Slats Grid Slats.png Grate Grid Grate.png Wicker Grid Wicker.png
Scoured Leather Grid Scoured Leather.png Tanned Leather Grid Tanned Leather.png Strap Grid Strap.png Belt Grid Belt.png Glue Grid Glue.png Tallow Grid Tallow.png
Ground Netherrack Grid Ground Netherrack.png Hellfire Dust Grid Hellfire Dust.png Concentrated Hellfire Grid Concentrated Hellfire.png Urn Grid Urn.png Soul Urn Grid Soul Urn.png Nethercoal Grid Nethercoal.png
Coal Dust Grid Coal Dust.png Soulforged Steel Grid Soulforged Steel.png Haft Grid Haft.png Padding Grid Padding.png Soul Dust Grid Soul Dust.png Potash Grid Potash.png
Refined Pick Grid Refined Pick.png Refined Shovel Grid Refined Shovel.png Refined Hoe Grid Refined Hoe.png Battle Axe Grid Battle Axe.png Longsword Grid Longsword.png Armor Plate Grid Armor Plate.png
Plate Helm Grid Plate Helm.png Chest Plate Grid Chest Plate.png Plate Leggings Grid Plate Leggings.png Plate Boots Grid Plate Boots.png Broadhead Grid Broadhead.png Broadhead Arrow Grid Broadhead Arrow.png
Gimp Mask Grid Gimp Mask.png Leather Vest Grid Leather Vest.png Chaps Grid Chaps.png Biker Boots Grid Biker Boots.png Composite Bow Grid Composite Bow.png Filament Grid Filament.png
Redstone Eye Grid Redstone Eye.png Soap Grid Soap.png Saw Dust Grid Saw Dust.png Dynamite Grid Dynamite.png Foul Food Grid Foul Food.png Breeding Harness Grid Breeding Harness.png
Refined Axe Grid Refined Axe.png Mattock Grid Mattock.png Nether Sludge Grid Nether Sludge.png Nether Brick (Item) Grid Nether Brick (Item).png Tuning Fork Grid Tuning Fork.png Arcane Scroll Grid Arcane Scroll.png
Candle Grid Candle.png Black Candle Grid Black Candle.png Kibble Grid Kibble.png Raw Egg Grid Raw Egg.png Poached Egg Grid Poached Egg.png Fried Egg Grid Fried Egg.png
Nether Groth Spores Grid Nether Groth Spores.png Mould Grid Mould.png Canvas Grid Canvas.png Screw Grid Screw.png Rotted Arrow Grid Rotted Arrow.png Ocular of Ender Grid Ocular of Ender.png
Ender Spectacles Grid Ender Spectacles.png Stake Grid Stake.png Element Grid Element.png Fuse Grid Fuse.png Nitre Grid Nitre.png Brimstone Grid Brimstone.png
Blasting Oil Grid Blasting Oil.png Cut Tanned Leather Grid Cut Tanned Leather.png Tanned Leather Cap Grid Tanned Leather Cap.png Tanned Leather Tunic Grid Tanned Leather Tunic.png Tanned Leather Pants Grid Tanned Leather Pants.png Tanned Leather Boots Grid Tanned Leather Boots.png
Witch Wart Grid Witch Wart.png Creeper Oyster Grid Creeper Oyster.png Diamond Ingot Grid Diamond Ingot.png

Put uploaded images in Category:Grid images.

Other templates

These templates implement the grid template into a GUI screen which mimics how it would look in Minecraft with CSS.

The above documentation is transcluded from Template:Grid/doc. (edit | history)