Soulforged Steel

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Soulforged Steel
Type Raw material
Stackable Yes (64)
First Appearance 2.90

Created by harnessing poor souls and combining Iron, Coal Dust, Soul Flux and a Soul Urn in a Crucible over stoked fire, Soulforged Steel is both far more durable than iron, and far easier to craft into desired shapes than diamond, making it an excellent material for the creation of advanced tools, armors, and mechanisms. 16 ingots of Soulforged Steel can be crafted into a Block of Soulforged Steel.


Soulforged Steel is made in a stoked Crucible.

Name Ingredients Input » Output
Soulforged Steel Iron Ingot,
Coal Dust,
Soul Urn,
Soul Flux
Iron (Ingot)
Coal Dust
Soul Urn
Soul Flux
Grid layout Arrow Crucible (small).png
Soulforged Steel


  • Raw Material

Needed for