Screw Pump

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Screw Pump
Type Mechanical power
Stackable Yes (64)
First Appearance 4.10

The Screw Pump is a mechanical block that allows the player to transport water upward. This is a critical feature under Hardcore Bucket Mode, under which water source blocks cannot be placed.


Name Ingredients Input » Output
Screw Pump Glue, Grate,
Wooden Siding,
Screw, Gear
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Screw Pump
Wooden Siding
Wooden Siding
Wooden Siding
Wooden Siding


The Screw Pump receives mechanical power from its bottom side, and takes in water from its grated "mouth". When powered it will - if water is in contact with its intake grate - spawn a "partial source" block on its top side. This partial source will flow and spread as a normal source block and can be used to feed further pumps located on its level. However, it will dry up swiftly if power to the Screw Pump is interrupted.

The partial source block does not fill as much of its block volume as a regular source block, and it will not spawn more sources when another source block is present nearby, as regular water does.

Uses and Set-Ups

The setup shows how to use screw pumps to pump water up by several blocks. Note that mechanical power can only be provided through the bottom of the screw pump.

Screw pump upward pumping.png

The setup shows how to use screw pumps to extend the horizontal flow of water. Note that with this setup you can extend the waterflow by nine blocks.

Screw pump horizontal pumping.png


The example below shows a tiered screw pump set up. Both are powered from the bottom. The partial source generated by the first screw pump flows over a block into the second one, allowing for straightforward power lines.

"A tiered screw pump set up example."

Such a pattern could be perhaps be continued in a spiral (or meta screw, if you will) with power lines interleaved with the pumps. More than one pump per quarter-turn would be necessary for everything to fit.