Refined Axe

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Refined Axe
Type Refined tools
Stackable No
First Appearance 3.46

The Refined Axe is an improved version of the Diamond Axe. Its only difference with the Battle Axe is that it's enchanted as a tool instead of a weapon.

Keep in Mind

  • Can be crafted only at Anvil.
  • Destroys wooden blocks faster than a Diamond Axe.
  • Can be used to block.
  • Receives tool echantment.
  • Does 3 hearts of damage per hit (5 hearts of damage per critical hit)
  • Loses 2 uses for each hit when used as a weapon, like all tools.
  • Has 2251 uses.


Name Ingredients Input » Output
Refined Axe Soulforged Steel & Haft
Soulforged Steel
Grid layout Arrow Anvil (small).png
Refined Axe
Soulforged Steel

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