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Type Mechanical power
Stackable Yes (64)
First Appearance 2.60

Light-Weight wooden frames, the Platforms are intended to be used in conjunction with Pulleys to create elevators, moving gates, flood-control devices, etc. Platforms are attached to ropes by placing an upward-facing anchor on top of them. When a platform is connected in this manner, if it is lifted (through the Anchor, attached Rope, and a Pulley above), it will in turn transmit this motion to other platforms up to two blocks away.

This effectively allows you to lift up to a 5 X 5 block grid of Platforms through the use of a single Anchor and Pulley, along with the required Rope.


Name Ingredients Input » Output
Platform Wooden Planks or
Wooden Mouldings
and Wicker
Wooden PlankMoulding
Wooden PlankMoulding
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Wooden PlankMoulding
Wooden PlankMoulding
Wooden PlankMoulding


  • Elevators
  • Castle Gates
  • Floodgates
  • Scaffolding

Keep in Mind

  • Platforms and Anchors are the only blocks that can be lifted by a Pulley but you may place rails and redstone on a platform.
  • One Anchor can lift a 5x5x5 box of platforms only. The platform the anchor is attached to is the center of that box. If you want to lift a 3x1x4 Gate (width depth height) with one pulley and the anchor at the top of the gate - this is impossible. But you could remove the top middle platform and attach the anchor there which would make the platform in the middle of the second row the "center".
  • Rope will break if you try lifting solid blocks on platform
  • You will need 18 Sugar canes for 1 platform thus 450 for entire 5x5 platform so make sure you have some Sugar Cane farms before you decide to craft platforms
  • As of 3.8, XP orbs and Dragon Orbs are able to be lifted by the pulley.

Demonstration Video

Blithen And Battosay Vs Pulleys

"Better Than Wolves" Elevator/Gate tutorial