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Type Farming
Stackable Yes (64)
First Appearance 2.90


The Planter is one of the four types of pottery in BTW. By itself, the Planter is useless, except for decoration, but once it is filled with dirt or soul sand, the Planter can have all crops planted on it, like Hemp, Wheat, Flowers, Trees, and even Cacti as well as Nether Wart and Blood Wood Trees. The Planter allows the planting of crops without having to worry about water or trampling on them, allowing for more efficient farms. The Planter also works in the Nether, making Nether farms a reality as it allows you to plant things in the Nether that you couldn't before, like Reeds and Hemp. If left unoccupied, Grass Planters will also *eventually* sprout flowers (either red or yellow) and tall grass on their own. This was included in the mod as a way to farm flowers.


To get the Planter, you must first form the Unfired Pottery version of it by putting a clay block on a spinning Turntable. The clay block must go through four full rotations before it turns into the unfired Planter. You must then fire the unfired planter in a Kiln.

Once you have the Planter, you still need fill it with either Dirt and Bone Meal to be able to plant any regular world plants in it, with Grass and Bone Meal for flowers and tall grass, or with Soul Sand to be able to plant Nether Wart and Blood Wood Saplings in it.

Name Ingredients Input » Output
Dirt or
Grass ,
Bone Meal,
DirtGrass Block
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Planter DirtPlanter Grass
Bone Meal
Soul Sand
Soul Sand,
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Planter Soul Sand
Soul Sand


  • Flower pots
  • Compact farms (no water flow needed)
  • Nether farms

Keep in Mind

  • The dirt in the filled Planter is basically wet farmland, and so you can grow hemp on it without having to worry about anything but the light level, and reeds without having to worry about adjacent water.
    • Even though the dirt acts like wet farmland for wheat and hemp, you can also plant cacti on it, even though they are usually only able to be planted on sand.
  • You can't plant anything in the Planter until you fill it with dirt, grass or soulsand using the recipes above.
  • You can plant every Minecraft plant in the Planter.
  • Crops growing in a Planter cannot be trampled like crops on normal farmland.
  • Nether Wart and Blood Wood Saplings still need to be in the Nether to mature even if they are planted in Planter filled with soulsand.