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Nether Groth, is a type of plant added by Better Than Wolves mod. It is very similar to mycelium, since it can spread on Netherrack and terraform sections of the Nether. It has several growth stages, in which it is grey, and when it is mature its top becomes red. The Groth can't be placed in the Overworld.

The fully grown plant is 1/2 a block tall, like a Slab. It is created by placing Nether Groth Spores on a surface, although it will only spread on Netherrack.

Properties of the fully grown Nether Groth

  • Any creature who touches the upper red part will suffer damage and be shot into the air to a height of about 4 blocks.
  • Trying to break it will result in an explosion effect, which spread the Nether Groth into surrounding blocks and will damage the surrounding creatures, causing them to be poisoned.
  • The same will occur when the block is destroyed or moved in other means, using Block Dispensers, Pistons, etc.
  • The plant will "eat" any food laying on its top (destroy the item and make a sound effect). Foods include: Rotten Flesh, Meat, Mushrooms, Apples, Eggs, Donuts and more.
  • The plant will not damage the player and launch him into the air if he is wearing Plate Boots. Explosions caused by destroying it also won't damage and poison him if he's wearing a full Plate Armor set.
  • A Soul Urn can be used to fertilize Nether Groth.


  • Covering Netherrack in order to stop the spawning of Zombie Pigmen
  • Protecting your base from monsters
  • Damaging/stopping other players.

Alternate Recipe

  • Version 4.52 of Better than Wolves added an alternate recipe for the creation of Nether Groth Spores, which does not require Mycellium and so can be made without finding a mushroom biome. However, it was put in to be discovered by the player, and so the recipe is not recorded here for now.
  • Version 4.89PHILLIP removed the alternate recipe using Blight, from this version the only recipe to make Nether Groth Spores requires Mycellium