Mining Charge

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Mining Charge
Type Utility
Stackable Yes (64)
First Appearance 3.20

The Mining Charge is a placed explosive, stronger than than Dynamite but weaker than TNT. Its explosion is unique in that it will convert destroyed blocks to items with no loss, unlike TNT. The Mining Charge will destroy items already on the ground, with the exception of ore items, which are under no circumstances destroyed by the Mining Charge.

The Mining Charge is shaped and placed like Siding and activated by right-clicking it with Flint and Steel. It is an oriented explosive, and the block to which it is attached defines the centre of a 3x3x3 cube which will be precisely destroyed on detonation, irrespective of material composition. The Mining Charge will also create a single-block lacuna in the middle of the blast-hole wall toward which it was facing when detonated.

A downward-facing Block Dispenser stocked with mining charges will dispense them with the fuse lit. The charge thus ejected will explode when it makes contact with the ground. This allows for quick vertical dropshaft excavation.

When Cobblestone is destroyed by mining charge it will drop as Gravel, and when gravel is destroyed it will drop sand.

Similarly to TNT, the Mining Charge does not affect Obsidian, Soulforged Steel or Bedrock.


Name Ingredients Input » Output
Mining Charge Rope, Dynamite,
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Mining Charge


If enough resources are obtained to produce sizable quantities of Mining Charges, one can:

  • Blast out large volumes with minimum manual effort
  • Mine out wide tunnels more quickly
  • Spice up one's mining routine
  • Gather valuable minerals more quickly
  • Effortlessly create vertical shafts with the help of a Block Dispenser
  • Make Gravel, and subsequently Sand, renewable.

Keep in Mind

  • right-clicking a Mining Charge with flint and steel will immediately activate the Charge
  • the Mining Charge is a directional explosive, and the direction is dependent on the orientation of the Charge, which is shaped and placed like Siding
  • the Mining Charge will make a 3x3x3 hole no matter which type of block is being exploded, provided the block is susceptible to explosives at all
  • the Mining Charge will not fall once activated like regular TNT if placed on a wall or ceiling
    • it will, however, fall in a straight line if dispensed from a Block Dispenser
  • if a mining charge is placed on a wall and activated, it will fall if the wall is destroyed
    • if it is dropped from the ceiling in the above manner, on the ground it will explode facing down, as though it were placed on the floor directly
  • placing multiple Mining Charges near each other can cause a chain reaction
  • To create a stack of mining charges you will need:

Demonstration Video