Light Block

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Light Block
Type Lighting
Stackable Yes (64)
First Appearance 1.00

Light blocks contain a glowstone Filament in the center, which radiates brightly when it receives redstone current. Light blocks produces extremely bright light when powered, which is particularly useful in the growing of plants (such as Hemp). Light blocks can be powered indirectly, which means that if a neighboring block is receiving power, the light blocks will light up. This allow you to, for example, place light blocks on the ceiling, and run redstone above the ceiling to give them power, without having to do any complicated wiring.


Name Ingredients Input » Output
Light Block Filament,
Glass Panes,
Redstone Dust
Glass Pane
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Light Block
Glass Pane
Glass Pane
Redstone (Dust)


  • Switchable light source (redstone powered).
  • Hemp farming, must be placed two block directly above the plant.
  • Indicator lights

Keep in Mind

  • Light blocks can receive redstone current indirectly too, so you can place several light blocks in a single line.
  • You can't place redstone dust or redstone torches directly on top of light blocks.
  • Light blocks can be powered from above by placing different blocks on the light blocks and placing redstone dust on top of the different blocks.
  • Light Blocks have a light level of 15

Demonstration Video

Better Than Wolves Lab - Lightblock