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The kiln is a structure built out of brick blocks over stoked hibachis, used to fire unfired pottery, separate end stone into brimstone and white cobble and perform some furnace recipes for free. The structure is constructed with a minimum of 4 brick blocks, consisting of one air block enclosed on the bottom and at least 3 other sides (which includes top) by said brick blocks. One block bellow the bottom brick block must be a lit Hibachi stoked by a Bellows. Having more than one hibachi speeds up the progress, just like with the Cauldron. Unfired Pottery is put in the center of the kiln and will turn into various kinds of pottery, depending on what type of Unfired Pottery you put in the kiln. The important thing to note is that the kiln is not made on a crafting table; it is made with bricks in 3D. The kiln is the only way to obtain a crucible, which is needed for production of steel, thus required to move upwards a tech tree.


The kiln (on the right) with hibachis underneath it.


Keep in Mind

  • Kiln can be arranged in any fashion as long as object to be fired is in contact with 4 brick blocks, 3 plus the required bottom brick block (two above hibachi).
  • The bottom of the kiln must be two blocks above the hibachi. (In the block occupied by the second level of fire)

Demonstration Video Links

Minecraft Better Than Wolves 2.9.0, How a Kiln is made

  • Credit: tegamyen

Better than Wolves Lab - Kiln

Battosay VS. The Automated Kiln

  • Credit: Battosay