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Type Utility
Stackable Yes (64)
First Appearance 1.0

The hibachi is the netherrack of the modern man. When receiving redstone current, the Element inside heats up. The heated element causes the hellfire on the top of the hibachi to ignite, creating a fire in the space above the hibachi. This flame can not be extinguished by hand as the hibachi will re-ignite instantly as long as the hibachi is powered by redstone. Terminating the redstone current and occluding the hibachi's surface with a block are the only two ways to extinguish the flame.

While the strong force exerted by air expelled from the Bellows extinguishes normal fires, it is not strong enough to extinguish the fire of the hibachi. The oxygen in the expelled air from the bellows will raise the temperature of the hibachi fire, causing it to enter a state known as being stoked. Stoked hibachi fire is a requirement for Crucible operations, pottery, and rendering.


Name Ingredients Input » Output
Hibachi Concentrated Hellfire,
Element, Stone,
Redstone Dust
Concentrated Hellfire
Concentrated Hellfire
Concentrated Hellfire
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Redstone (Dust)


  • Heat source for the Cauldron.
  • Light source.
  • Automatic fire starter (burn leftover leaves in a tree farm).
  • The only block capable of creating a stoked fire with a Bellows.

Keep in Mind

  • The more hibachis used, the faster items cook/render/smelt.
  • In order to power a hibachi, one of the best ways is to be directly power each one from beneath.
  • Certain blocks will be deleted when placed on a hibachi (most flammable blocks, blocks of concentrated hellfire etc.)
    • For the blocks to actually be deleted the hibachi must be powered after the blocks have been placed

Demonstration Video

Better than Wolves Lab - Hibachi