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Type Raw material
Stackable Yes (64)
First Appearance 1.60

Hemp is a crop that may be planted like wheat. The tough fibrous stem of the hemp plant can be ground into Hemp Fibers using a Mill Stone, and those fibers can then be fashioned into rope, fabric, and other items.

Growing Hemp

Hemp is grown from Hemp Seeds which are planted similarly to those of wheat. However, for hemp to grow a number of requirements must be met:

  • It will only grow under the following light sources:
    • Direct access to sunlight (The hemp crop must be able to see the sky but does not require lighting at night time if growing outdoors).
    • A powered Light Block two blocks above.
  • It will only grow on hydrated soil or a Planter, and will die if soil loses hydration.
  • Hemp growth can be accelerated by bonemeal.

A hemp plant will grow to be up to two blocks tall in four to six days, depending on lighting conditions. Both parts of the hemp plant will yield a Hemp item and possibly Hemp Seeds. However, if only the top part is harvested, the plant does not need to be replanted (similarly to sugar canes). The top part of a hemp plant will regrow in approximately two days if the bottom is left intact.

Farmland on which hemp is grown may be trampled by mobs or players. This causes any hemp growing in the trampled square to be destroyed; however, this problem can be averted by growing hemp in a Planter.

Hemp is flammable and may catch fire in a thunderstorm.


Automation of farming

The bipartite nature of the hemp plant makes farming automation a straightforward process, much like it is for sugar canes. A Detector Block may be used to detect when the top part of the plant has grown, which may then be harvested by pistons, Block Dispensers or even Saws, though a Saw's tendency to disperse the items it cuts makes it impractical.

Hemp farming may also be automated without the use of Detector Blocks by setting the harvesting mechanism to be activated by a long period clock circuit. This method is less efficient, but much more accessible in the early stages of the game.


Hemp Fibers

Keep in mind

  • It will never ever be smokeable.
  • Any unmet requirement will destroy the plant over time.

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