Foul Food

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Foul Food
Type Food
Stackable Yes (64)
First Appearance 2.61

This is what happens to food when you dump Dung into a Cauldron with it. It may still be eaten, but is not exactly "haute cuisine".

How to get

Put food together with Dung into a Cauldron.

  • It can be eaten and restores half a pip of hunger, but has a large chance of causing the food poisoning effect which drains 2 pips. No more food can be eaten until the status effect has worn off.
  • Cannot be fed to animals, not even wolves or pigs.
  • Cannot be used as fish bait.

Keep in Mind

  • As of 4.60, the Hardcore Hunger update, it restores half a shank of hunger.
  • As of 3.55, it can be eaten but has the same side effect as rotten flesh.
  • Before 3.52 Foul Food could be used as a fertilizer, but this ability was removed due to how easily it can be produced in huge quantities.
  • Mushrooms are the only food that doesn't spoil when cooked with dung.