Ender Spectacles

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Ender Spectacles
Type Helmet
Stackable No
First Appearance 4.16
Ender Spectacles is a head piece that allows the player to easily distinguish between the blocks with light levels of 8 or more and blocks with light levels of 7 or less.


Name Ingredients Input » Output
Oculars of Ender
Ocular of Ender
Ocular of Ender
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Ender Spectacles
View through Ender Spectacles


When wearing them in the head armor slot, players can see dark swirls rise from blocks that are dark enough for mobs to spawn.

Keep in mind

  • Ender Spectacles have very low durability, so wearing them in combat is not advised.
  • While wearing Ender Spectacles, Endermen will not attack if you look at them while wearing them. Note that this replaces the same functionality that used to be assigned to pumpkins. Pumpkins will thus no longer work as a means of defense against them.