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Type Raw material
Stackable Yes (64)
First Appearance 3.20

Very weak explosive with relatively cheap recipe. Dynamite can be thrown at enemies, because the explosion is so weak that it can't cope with stone. While an unarmored player standing on dynamite will receive 2 hearts worth of damage upon explosion. Although relatively expensive as a weapon, it is very useful in the event of a hat infestation. For more efficient usage can be crafted to Mining Charges.

As of version 3.61 of BTW, Dynamite can now be used to collect large numbers of fish, a practice known in the Western world as 'Redneck Fishing.' Simply throw a lit stick of dynamite (hold a 'flint and steel' in your inventory to ensure the dynamite is lit) into a pool of water and wait. This provides the player with the opportunity to automate fishing, using dispensers and a controlled water flow. Note, fish generated this way will float on top of the water, even if you do not have Hardcore Buoy enabled.


You can use Soul Dust instead of Sawdust.

Name Ingredients Input » Output
Dynamite Paper, Fuse,
Blasting Oil,
Saw Dust
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Blasting Oil
Saw Dust

Keep In Mind

  • Right mouse click will throw it so be careful when crafting it at home!
  • Requires a Flint and Steel in the player's inventory to function.