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Type Raw material
Stackable Yes (64)
First Appearance 2.50

Another use for wolves! Wolves periodically produce Dung as the result of mysterious biological processes. Wolves must be fed meat or Kibble to produce dung; however, one should avoid feeding them wolf chops. Wolves will produce dung at a random delay - usually five to ten minutes - after being fed; each feeding will produce a total one dung. Wolf Dung is extremely valued for its many uses.


The principal method of harvesting dung is to put the wolf on a floating block over a water flow, using a Dispenser to feed it as soon as it has produced its precious product.

Because the Mean Time Between Poops is not a definite number, it generally stands at about 1 per day, using 5 minute timers or the like is not advised, instead using pressure plates or detectors is advisable.

Lacking easily-manipulable water, it is possible to place wolves on a floor of hoppers with ladder filters. Meat will not pass through, allowing wolves to eat it; however, the dung will enter the hoppers and can be conveniently collected from below.

Needed For

Keep in Mind

Wolf surrounded by solid blocks will not produce dung
Neither will wolf surrounded by transparent block
  • Dung will spoil any food in a Cauldron if placed inside
  • Wolves will produce Dung a random time after feeding, and will only eat when hungry
  • Wolves become hungry as soon as they poop
  • Keeping the wolf in the dark will increase production rate
  • Dung is violently propelled about three block away when produced
  • Rubbing a sheep with a piece of poo is not a viable way to alter its genetic structure
  • Both wolves pictured will not produce dung. 1 full block of space is required for production.
  • As of 3.95 wolves can no longer be fed rotten flesh, use Kibble instead

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