Blood Wood Sapling

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Blood Wood Sapling
Type Alien Lifeforms
Stackable Yes (64)
First Appearance 3.40

An artificial sapling, made from a combination of different plants and souls of the damned. A Bloodwood sapling will grow into a Blood Wood Tree in the Nether. It can also be grown in the normal world, but it requires a Soul Urn.

A blood wood sapling, thrown on the Soulsand...
Will plant itself.

A blood wood sapling doesn't act like a regular item (in its item form); it shall spin around the area like a haunted...thing. If it's laying on Soulsand (and was not thrown by the player), it will automatically plant itself - and grow, like a normal Bloodwood Tree. Planting a Bloodwood sapling will anger the residents of the nether, and cause any nearby zombie pigmen to attack the player.


Name Ingredients Input » Output
All four types of Saplings,
Nether Wart, Soul Urns.
Oak Sapling
Birch Sapling
Pine Sapling
Jungle Sapling
Grid layout Arrow Stewing Pot (small).png
Blood Wood Sapling
Soul Urn


Keep in Mind

  • Will only grow on Soul Sand or a Soul Sand Planter
  • Even though blood wood saplings normally doesn't grow outside the nether they still can be forced to grow with a Soul Urn (much like bonemeal on normal saplings), but since they don't grow new branches they are more of a decorative feature in the overworld.
  • The old method of planting Bloodwood saplings through throwing them will no longer work, as of v3.61 of BTW.