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Type Mechanical power
Stackable Yes (64)
First Appearance 2.80

The Bellows act as a bladder that draws in air when it expands and expels air when compressed. On its own it default state is expanded. When receiving mechanical power, the Bellows compresses (and will remain compressed for as long as mechanical power is applied).

The Bellows can stoke a Hibachi produced fire in a 3x3 square block in front of it. if it is expanded and compressed at regular intervals. This can be achieved by using a Turntable or other suitable timing circuit to cut the Mechanical Power on a periodic basis. Stoked fire is necessary for the operation of the Crucible and to turn the Cauldron into a rendering device.

The Bellows can also "push" any "light" items that are in the block in front of it. This will push them up to three blocks and can be used to seperate drops (e.g. bones and arrows from a mob trap) or in waterless designs. The items are "pushed" on the compression of the belows. It may take several compressions to move the item into the adjacent block.


Name Ingredients Input » Output
Bellows Wooden Sidings,
Tanned Leather,
Gears, Belt
Wooden Siding
Wooden Siding
Wooden Siding
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Tanned Leather
Tanned Leather
Tanned Leather


  • Increasing the heat (Stoke) of the fire. (Two block high flame)
    • Allows the Cauldron to be turned into a rendering device.
    • Required for the Kiln and the Crucible to function.
  • Can blow "light" items 1-3 block away from itself.


The following items can be blown by the Bellow, with very light items being pushed 3 blocks, fairly light items being pushed 2 blocks, and light items being pushed 1 block.

Very Light Items Fairly Light Items Light Items

Keep in mind

  • The Mechanical Power needs to be alternated. (usually the nearest Gear Box)
  • The Bellows will only successfully stoke a fire created by a Hibachi. All other fires will be extinguished when stoked.

Demonstration video

"Better than Wolves Lab - Bellows" on YouTube